I have “television” in quotes because it’s bifurcated into several mediums of distribution, and it continues to change.  Here’s what you should know:

  • BROADCAST DOWN TO 20%:  That’s right, your almighty over-the-air stations are now only accounting for 20% of the daily video views.  That’s why you’re seeing your grocery stores advertising on the billboards along the freeways.  They are not hitting 80% of the population on TV anymore.
  • CABLE IS DOWN TO 29.6%:  The cable cutting continues coast to coast as more and more people are relying on streaming services.
  • “CONNECTED TV” NOW ACCOUNTS FOR OVER 50% OF VIEWING:  This includes the top streaming services:  YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.  
  • HOW TO ADVERTISE ON “CONNECTED TV”:  We reach these people via O-T-T (Over the Top), which is content that can be streamed over the internet instead of cable or broadcast. This allows us to geo-target as well as tightly demo target.  Very efficient.

All of these platforms work well as long as you are paying a fair price for them.  Negotiation is the key today.  There’s too much data to crunch to buy blindly.

Onward and upward!

MORE INFO: https://ottaway.net/blog/8-benefits-of-partnering-with-a-media-buying-agency/