Oxford High School families of victims, all students and faculty:

You are in our thoughts and prayers. This is an unthinkable tragedy that leaves us wondering why and how? All of us grieve with you.

We implore the Michigan Legislature and the US Congress to seriously address this issue today. No more innocent, bright and promising lives should be lost.

God Bless Oxford students, their families and the United States of America.

Print Media Buying

The digital world may have you believe that print media is dying out, but we’re here to tell you it is still very much alive. Print media advertising offers consumers a more tactile experience leading to a stronger connection and reinforced relationship between business and consumer. In addition to digital marketing, Ottaway Digital understands the importance and impact that print marketing continues to hold. We have years of experience creating unique and intentional print media that delivers results, and we can do the same for you.

What is Print Media?

Print media is advertising in the form of physically printed material through various channels. Print media advertising includes direct mail, flyers and brochures, as well as print ads in newspapers, magazines and catalogues.

Print media can be tailored to reach hundreds or millions. The audience you target will depend on readership, the number of readers of a certain publication, and circulation, the number of copies distributed.

Types of Print Media and Print Marketing

newspaper ads

Our skilled team at Ottaway Digital has experience creating all types of print media for our clients. We work with our clients to create a valuable print media campaign that leaves consumers with a lasting impression of the brand. We help companies build trust with their customers through our effective print marketing methods, ultimately leading to increased ROI.

Types of print media we offer include:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Flyers
  • Leaflets and more!

Pile of magazines and phone

Print Media Advertising Companies

Print media still has its place in marketing and it’s here to stay. We’re not saying you should put all your marketing efforts into print advertising, but mixing print ads into your overall campaign will lend a significant boost in reach and ROI. Nowadays, people fly through their overcrowded online feeds. Sometimes slowing things down is beneficial, and that’s where print media has an advantage. Print media material can linger on the kitchen island or office desk of a consumer reminding them of your brand every so often and keeping you in mind later on when it matters. Rely on an advertising company with the talent and experience to help your business grow and generate more leads. Call us at Ottaway Digital today to learn more about our print media advertising services.

Print Media Samples

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