Oxford High School families of victims, all students and faculty:

You are in our thoughts and prayers. This is an unthinkable tragedy that leaves us wondering why and how? All of us grieve with you.

We implore the Michigan Legislature and the US Congress to seriously address this issue today. No more innocent, bright and promising lives should be lost.

God Bless Oxford students, their families and the United States of America.

Branding Agency in Detroit

The foundation of any company or business can ultimately boil down to its brand. Establishing the branding of your business can determine if you will succeed at reaching your ideal customer and creating a loyal customer base. This is especially important if you are looking to sell a product or service, as your brand is what your consumers will recognize and remember about your company. Your brand is what makes the first impression.

Branding is not something to be overlooked for your business. Branding acts as the voice for your company and is the first thing people see. Creating a well-known and effectively thought-out brand can help you to stand out from your competitors and give you the greatest reach to your target audience.

Here at Ottaway Communications, we have decades of experience in helping establish branding for both big and small businesses. We have worked with a variety of clients from e-commerce to B2B to retail and so much more. Our team will work with you and take the time to understand your business, market and your target audience. We specialize in all aspects of marketing and advertising which means we can provide you with the best strategies for creating a brand that is right for your business and gives you the edge you need to stand out from the rest.

Why is Branding Important

Starbucks Cup on Table

Branding is essentially every aspect of your business that a customer can see. The way you brand yourself is your first impression with potential customers and they will form an opinion straight away about your business to decide if you are right for them.

Your branding can make or break your business in the long run. When you think of the most popular brands in our culture today, there are a few distinctive elements that come to mind. For example, if you think of golden arches, one’s mind usually goes to McDonald’s. If you were to see a green circle with the shape of a mermaid in the middle of it, most would think of Starbucks. A logo and definitive color palette are only the start of establishing your brand. Your brand is what can set you apart from the rest.

The way that you brand your business goes beyond just leaving a memorable impression. Your branding can be what sets you apart and how you can let potential customers know why you are the better choice than anyone else. It also can establish trust between you and the consumer, which will ultimately create loyalty with that person.

Brand Positioning

McDonalds French Fries

When thinking of your brand it is also equally important to think of your brand positioning. With your positioning, you can determine how your target market is seeing you against your competitors. You want to position yourself in a way that is different from your competitors and creates a reason for people to want to use your product or service over others.

As stated in the book Positioning, written by Al Ries and Jack Trout, there are a few different ways that you can position your brand depending on where you currently stand against the competition.

We take this into account when establishing your brand and work with you to create both a successful brand and position for your business.

Our Branding Services

Your brand identity is your visual identity. This means that everything your customer can see, that being your website, graphic design elements, your company mission statement etc., is how they will ultimately determine if you are the right choice for them.

Creating a positive brand experience for your target audience can make all the difference when they are deciding between your business and a competitor. We can work with you to devise your brand marketing strategy so you can find what works best for you and decide how you wish to portray your brand overall.

With expertise in everything to do with advertising and branding strategies, we here at Ottaway Communications can help you to establish your branding and make your business known to your target audience of potential customers. As a full-service branding agency, we can help you with all your branding needs.

Our goal with our strategies is to attract your potential customers through various means. We can help with every aspect of implementing your brand.

Some of the branding strategies that we implement include:

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  • Optimized Web Design: Creating a positive user experience with your target audience when they are on your website is important to keep them on your site longer, which will place you higher in search results and drive more traffic. We can do so with our website development services.
  • Mobile Responsive Web Development: As most people are searching for things on their phone these days it is also important to make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Content Marketing: Creating useful and insightful content for your website will enhance your brand and increase the number of keywords your business comes up for in search results, increasing brand recognition.
  • Reputation Management: Your reputation online, mainly through reviews, should be positive. We can manage what reviews are being made about your brand and respond accordingly to keep a positive reputation for your brand.
  • Social Media Marketing and Management: Social media has become an important element in developing your brand. We can ensure that your brand is being well-represented across all social media platforms.
  • Competitor and Market Analysis: Through extensive research, we will continuously keep up-to-date with the competitors in your market and continually work with you to ensure that your brand is put above the rest and stands out from the crowd.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: Our strategies that we use to implement in establishing your brand are backed by data and thorough research of your industry’s market and competitors to give you the edge you need on the competition and draw potential customers in and make the best first impression with them.

Your branding encompasses everything to do with your business. Through our proven branding strategies, backed by analytics and research, we can help you to create a brand that will help your business stand out from your competitors.

Get Started Today

As a business, your goal is to bring in potential customers and, in turn, create a loyal customer base that will keep coming back for more. The way that you brand your business is a key component in making this possible.

We here at Ottaway Communications have years of experience in branding for companies of all sizes and industries. With our services, we can help you to successfully brand your business to stand out from the competition and bring in new customers. We take the time to understand your business and your goals to establish the best strategies for you to succeed.

Ottaway Communications can be your trusted branding agency in Detroit for all your branding needs. We’ve done it for MJR Digital Cinemas, Diamond Jack River Tours, Oakland County to name a few, and we can certainly do it for you. With our experience and expertise, we can help you to establish your brand and give you a crucial edge over your competitors. To learn more about our branding services, you can get in touch with us by filling out our online form or by giving us a call today at (248) 637-4600.

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